Uli Norden#616 ueberraschend verstorben

  • Der eine oder andere kennt Uli (STOC#616) und Antje noch.

    Antje hat das auf Facebook gepostet:

    Ulrich Norden has started his last journey!

    -Need help (money) for Uli‘s funeral-

    Hello motorcycle friends,

    As you may have noticed, Ulrich Norden has died suddenly and unexpectedly. Due to a missing will and a previous inheritance dispute, there is no money for a decent funeral. I do not wish to explain further details here.

    We do not want Uli to be buried unlovingly.

    We want him to have a dignified funeral. Unfortunately

    Uli's partner Antje has neither rights nor duties!

    Others inherit and decide! We fear - they decide as cheaply as possible!

    Therefore we would like to ask Uli's friends to contribute to the costs for a dignified grave and an appropriate farewell - if the responsible persons will probably not do so.

    Already now some of you have announced to come to the funeral, if at all possible. I hope we will find out when and where it is.

    If not, we will set an alternative farewell date.

    In the sense of Uli there should also be a celebration.

    And here my request to you:

    Donate to GTR1000@t-online.de - password "Uli" - and

    write an email to GTR1000@t-online.de if you need an account number instead or if you want to come.

    If there is more money than needed, it will be used for a memorial stone.

    love - grieving - greetings

    Antje, Anette, Bernd, Walter, Wolfram


    ja, ich kannte ihn, hab ein paar Touren mit ihm Gefahren

    aber warum der ganze Aufruf in englischer Sprache ?? :?::?:0))((00))((0

    Mit hanseatischen Grüßen aus EDDW

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  • Ich auch, war früher im Stoc Bremen und wohnte in Kirchlinteln. Ebenfalls Antje mit ihrer tiefergelegten ST 1300. Tut mir leid, war noch ein junger Kerl. Zuletzt gesehen in Mellrichstadt.

    Gruß Günter
    aus der Schloßstadt Ahrensburg
    Hamburgs schöne Nachbarin GOO